for Dentists

Dental Advantage

As a dentist, the most important variable for the success of your business is patient satisfaction. A well-run office and quality care are necessary if you want to see patients coming back for follow-ups and bringing family members with them.

Improve your practice with:

  • Productivity Applications for Your Support Staff and Administrators
  • Processes to make Your Office More Efficient
  • Optimized collaboration between staff members and patients
  • More Secure Data Storage and Transfer Options
  • Timely Updates and Assistance with HIPAA Compliance

The care part of that equation we leave in your hands. The office component is an area where Dental Advantage can assist you.

Using tools and technology developed specifically for the dental industry, we can give you that added edge which will free up more of your time to spend with your patients and make your office more efficient and productive.

CTS offers solutions for your profession, not generic systems and applications identical to what other industries are using. Dental Advantage was created for dentists. It can provide you the efficiency, productivity, and management tools to make your office run smoother and keep your patients coming back again and again.