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Dental Advantage from Complete Technology Solutions (CTS)!

Dentistry is proudly one of the most “proactive” profes­sions, working to improve patients lives and future through preventative care. The goal of proactive care is to keep patients’ mouths healthy and prevent future health issues.  Check out our eBook on 5 Benefits of Proactive Maintenance!

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) pride themselves on offering proactive man­agement and care for your business tech­nology for the same reason. Their goal is to identify and cure IT issues before your system gets really sick.

Businesses with reactive or “break/fix” IT take action once a situation is a PROBLEM. By wait­ing for bad things to happen and failing to anticipate the future, reactive businesses put themselves behind the eight-ball, competitors and at risk. Sooner or later, they fall behind.

When a patient comes to you with a dental problem you don’t just treat the problem and send them on their way, do you? Of course not. You complete a full exam, discuss the main concern and any others you find. You make the patient aware of con­tributing factors, suggest changes in care and diet, and schedule maintenance to reduce or eliminate pre­ventable future problems. Preventative care takes a proac­tive approach to dental health. This helps your patient maintain a beautiful, healthy smile, while allowing you to identify trouble before it becomes a major problem. With proactive dental care, dentists can guide patients through the future and help them keep smiling.

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Proactive IT care is as essential to overall systemic busi­ness health. The main goal of proactive IT care is to do a thorough “exam” to help business “patients” achieve and retain a healthy, secure network and enjoy all of the bene­fits that go with it. But, what are those benefits of proactive business technology?

As a dentist, the most important variable for the success of your business is patient satisfaction. A well-run office and quality care are necessary if you want to see patients coming back for follow-ups and bringing family members with them.

Improve your practice with:

  • Productivity applications for support staff and administrators
  • Processes to make your office more efficient
  • Optimized collaboration between staff members and patients
  • More secure data storage and transfer options
  • Timely updates and assistance with HIPAA Compliance

The care part of that equation we leave in your hands. The office component is an area where CTS’s Dental Advantage can assist you. Read our blog on 5 technology Tips to keep your dental patients satisfied.

Using tools and technology developed specifically for the dental community, we can give you that added edge which will free up more of your time to spend with your patients and make your office more efficient and productive.

CTS, an IT provider headquartered right here in Colorado, offers solutions for your profession, not generic systems and applications identical to what other industries are using. Dental Advantage was created for dentists. It can provide you the efficiency, productivity, and management tools to make your office run smoother and keep your patients coming back again and again.

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